Unofficial Jenkins LTS Validation Checklist

In the spirit of the "Checklist Manifesto" (and here), this "Do / Confirm" checklist is intended to help me confirm that Jenkins LTS releases are correct and complete after the build has completed.

Prefer the official LTS release checklist, previously closed LTS release checklists, and the LTS release checklist template.

See the Jenkins Weekly Release Checklist for weekly releases.

  1. Release CI job successfully built and packaged
  2. Datadog download monitor of downloads is healthy
  3. War file downloads correct version
  4. War file mirrors show correct version
  5. LTS Debian installer runs correct version
  6. LTS Red Hat installer runs correct version
  7. LTS MSI installer runs correct version
  8. LTS changelog published
  9. Jira issues in the LTS changelog updated to correct state
  10. GitHub release documented
  11. Docker image tag visible and usable

Mark Waite -
Last modified: Thu Jan 14 07:50:58 MST 2021